Any way to create swipeable pages without tabs?

Is there anyway I could make swipeable pages without tabs ? and a way to use the same components on all pages with different activities assigned to them & changing texts ?

Have you tried viewpager ?

I did… but it didn’t work.

I think there is an option to hide tabs of viewpager on advanced options on view pager component…

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experimental na…

Yes, that’s true!

How about my other need ? Using the same components on all pages ?

This need is not very clear to me!

Which component do you mean?

Buttons (made up of cardviews & horizontal arrangements)
Adding 60 such buttons forced the app to consume a lot of RAM & making it crash on many lower end devices. So im trying to reduce it to just 15. I want to show the same 15 buttons on all pages, so that i can assign different actions to the buttons on each page (can also change the text labels on these buttons).

In this case, it’s not possible once each tab is a different arrangement. What you could do is create a “next page” and “previous page” buttons that when pressed the text labels change.

Maybe some clickable arrows on the sides would look quite nice? Especially with the existing UI which is looking great

Yeah… I was planning to change that unlocked icon with right arrow, coz the unlocked & locked icon look more or less the same.

What im trying to achieve is a slider like this.

Im not sure how to make it swipeable but the way I remember doing it is by putting a left arrow and right arrow buttons on the sides like the picture from the bootstrap swipe carousel and when the user clicks the arrow it would change the page accordingly.

I know how to do that… but i have to make the pages swipeable :neutral_face:

The only way i know how to make it swipeable is to use a canvas with image sprites instead but that would mean you getting rid of your whole design and readding each component. It shouldn’t be that much work since the procedures would still be the same and the only thing you would need to do is position it manually.

@Fabio @Saezy Will there be any change in RAM consumption if I change the above given 60 cardviews setup into 4 or more tabs ? with 15 cardviews in each tab ?