Any youtube player set video id problem

this is my code, a youtube player gets created but its id doesn’t set with this code, but when i seperately use do it for the set video id block, it happens can anyone tell me the reason for this

You can explain better you try to do !!!
For me is more easy created a youtube video list with button, when user press button get the ID from the list and:
Set the ID for youtube player (use Youtube Player Instandload
Hide the list
Show youtube player
When user back stop the video:
Hide youtube player
Show the list
Take a look at my post

Created dynamically Card View with button (to show youtube thumbnail) and label with YT description.

Yes i had done this method only, since the any youtube player set id was not working, so just wanted to know is this is a bug or I’m doing anything wrong

Maybe not working why you are use TYPlayer load video ID and forget add TYPlayer Play. Replace by Youtube Player Instand Load component

what are you trying to say

Used this component
blocks (5)

Use this block together with the ‘Youtube Player’ Initialized event. Loads and automatically plays the specified youtube video. Use only as example ‘_bZj-LOXdH8’ from a youtube video.

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