API Encoder - Encode & Decode Your String With Double Password Protection [Extension] [PAID]

API Encoder - The best Secure Extension With Double Password System [Extension] [PAID]

Hello, Kodular’s!

Today I bring this extension for you.
This Extension help you to protect your Firebase, Airtable or any type of API, URL or String from hacker.

We already know that kodular have Obfuscated Text block for make secure our app. But it’s not enough to protect our app from hacked.

This extension is run by it’s own algorithm and make unique encoded text dynamically. Only you can Decode the original text with your given level and password. Your level and password is your double security. One more things, your data is not stored anywhere on internet. Because it’s can run without internet. (No internet required for this extension)

  • Let's see the blocks

    This extension have only two block. Encode and Decode


  • Uses Of Encode Block

    With this block you can Encode your text or any type of string. Give integer digit on level and strong password on password. Password length must be 5 or more. And give level between (1 - 100)

    (No Internet Connection Required For Encoding)

  • Uses Of Decode Block

    With this block you can Decode your Encoded text by using your level and password. Without your level and password the extension cannot Decode your real data.

    If anyone trying to hack your app using any force attack method, they will never can get your original string.

    (No Internet Connection Required For Decoding)

  • Let's See That How To Use This Extension To Make Secure API or Any Type of String.
  • Use Obfuscated Text To Make It More Secure.

    It’s very & very simple for you, if you already know that how to use of drag and drop component.

    Contract To Buy
    Price- $3.50 Only

    Updates Log-

  • Now It's More Time Faster.
  • Updated With More Hard Algorithm.
  • Added One More Password Protection.
  • Added Level Protection.
  • Now It's More Easy To Use.
  • Remove Dynamic Password System.

    If you need the source code, you can contract me.

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    Thanks for your time.
    May Allah Bless You


    Encode & Decode Your API With High Secure Algorithm

    thank you for your contribution
    which algorithm are you using?

    Crypto is tricky: it’s hard to tell that the gibberish that’s being printed is not good crypto, and it’s hard to tell that the code example you picked up from Stack Overflow has serious flaws.

    taken from



    I love you Taifun, I have already using your lot of extension and it’s continue.
    But This extension not a example code from stackoverflow

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    All these are not the Necessary /Correct Tags.


    Right no need of these much irrelevant tags , and due to some issue in theme, I even can’t remove them :expressionless:

    Thx @Mohamed_Tamer :grin:

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    Amazing extension with amazing price :star_struck:
    But can you explain more how does it work? :sweat_smile: And what should be the password i don’t see the password input in encode block :thinking: Has it got its own and unique password that you putted in its source code or not, and if not why there isn’t password input in the encode block i don’t understand well sorry for asking lot of questions :laughing:
    Thanks :blush:

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    It’s automatically generated unique password to string, but you need to a password for decode, you will get after buy. It’s for extension security. If any one try to hack, cannot do it! Every user will get different password after buy this.

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    Only useful if you provide algorithm or php or nodejs script.
    If user send encoded data to server or any where then need same algorithm to decode and vice versa from server to app.