Api integration

Hi i need help on YouTube Search API and some pro koders help me with this !

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1-You need to read the API documentation
2-Understand what the API requirements are.
3-Then use the web component to do the Get.


Sometimes you have to do the work yourself. Try something and when it doesn’t work show what you have tried.


Can i have in more details im a newbie to json Api

Thanks ill contact if i have dounts in future

Uploading: Screenshot_2021-03-06-20-57-35-151_com.android.chrome.jpg… now i had got a request suceess

decoded text and how to show list of vidio id, thumbnail and title

Put This return in one list And :

Use For each Block +

Lookup pairs Key Block
Yours keys Will be : videoid, thumbnail and Title.
To get the 3, use the join.
Put the lookup pairs Key return in another list.

Then make that list the elements of a listview.
Good luck


Ill try tomorrow and contact you if i got stucked

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