Api pointers - anyone?

Hi All

I would like to include this in my app

Can someone give me a few pointers as to how I can do it


Thanks as ALL WAYS

Did you research the community?
There are hundreds of topics on the subject.
After searching, try to do it yourself.
Afterwards if you have questions, post here.

Hi Rogerio,

I did search but couldnt find a good place to start. Some began at the end, half way through and any place inbetween

Do you perhaps know of a good foundation article (Kodular, of course) which I can refer to?


About API + Kodular?

Yes, Thanks but where do I start?

If you go to the link I sent you will see the API but I have no Idea where to begin:-(


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Thank. Guess Im still going to be at this all weekend :slight_smile:

Try reading about consuming Rest api

Is this the future?

Focus on :
understand how an api works.
understand how the api you want to use works
understand how to use web Component to access an API.


Hi All,

I’ve got these API commands but I don’t know what to do with them

import { Search, Province, Municipality } from 'eskom-loadshedding-api';

Search.getMunicipalities(Province.WESTERN_CAPE).then((municipalities: Municipality[]) =>
        'Western Cape municipalities:',
        municipalities.map((el: Municipality) => el.name)

I'm thinking I need to  *POST TEXT* ?????

This is the source of the commands


Any help appreciated

That was in javascript. Where is the full documentation?

Please do not open a new topic regarding same question

Sorry. Didnt realise it

Is this what you mean?

I said about this


I hate going around in circles but if I understand you correctly this link gives you access to all the documentation there is



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Cann you please help

Do you know how I would use this in Kidular (POST TEXT)???


import { Status, LoadsheddingStage } from ‘eskom-loadshedding-api’;

Status.getStatus().then((status: LoadsheddingStage) => console.log('Current status: ', status));