API target level problem [apps are not getting install]

I have exported my apps to android phone but when i tried to install it a dialog pops up [it is a warning from google about unrecognised developer] . Then i came to know that the target API level of my apps is 27 ,but the requirement is 26. So i tried to change the target API level through APK editor to target 26 ,then it clearly installed without any warning messages. but the problem is that my user user will not install my apps if there is any warning message from google . soo please help me out how can i set Target API Level to 26 in makeriod so that, no dialog appears.

Makeriod editors please help me out with this. I am in a serious condition . please help me out with this.I hope that you will kindly hear my plea and give some of your precious time to solve this _


You are complete wrong…
The min target sdk needs to be in August 26.
We have 27…this means 26+1
If you dont understand it, please search more on Google about it.
Apps needs min target sdk 26 or more.
27 is more then 26.

If you upload your app on Google play store and users download your app they will not see a warning message.
The warning message is just a information from Apps that not came from the play store.
And as I said it is just a warning message… Nothing more.

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then when i set the target API level to 26 by using other apps why does it work

set api level to 16 or 16+

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Wait let me show you the screenshot

Did you see that minimum api is 16 but target api is 27. When I change that Target API level to 26 and save and install it will get install

You can’t change the Target API. You can only set the Min API.

Target API. :sweat_smile:

This discussion is going on to long in two different topics. i just closed one topic. @Cive_ESP you get this message because you don’t install this apk from Google Play. Just click Install Anyway or upload to google Play. Makeroid apps can be installed just fine and uploaded to Google Play.

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THANKS let me upload that apps on google and see whether it works or not . Very very thanks for answering my question

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