APK Export Error -AAPT execution failed

While I’m trying to export the apk seeing this error. I haven’t used any extension.

Here is my package name

please re try. i export 3 apk & abb files today just now. no problem.
reload the website or clear the broswer chahe or try with another browseer

You used a custom name package and with latest release messes project settings. If you wish post here or pm me your aia to fix it

Please check PM

Error caused because you filled properties while creating project see YAIL compiler - AAPT execution failed.--> its a very simple web view app - #8 by Boban and that result to set Theme to app’s name causing AAPT error. Send corrected aia


Again having the same issue. I just created a new app to redesigned tthe existing ui. But while exporting, I’m facing the same issue.

While creating new project did youadd app name, package name or anything else in configure your project ?

Yes I added everything

Then you haven’t read
:point_down: :point_down:

What can I do now to solve the issue ?

Next time don’t fill or change anything in Configure your project, simply press Finish and make changes later from Project Settings. As for ths project download it, open archive with 7zip and edit project settings

Do I need to remove the Theme name?

Change theme=AppTheme an delete projectColors. Make sure not to leave an empty row

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