Apk Loading Problem

Hye kodular team,
I created Apk from kodular platform.
Application is running ok.
But after some days…
When I click on application so it’s taking 5-10 second loading than open 1st screen.
How can solve this error.
With regards
Kodular team

Are you really thinking that we can help you with the information that you give?

It is like looking into a crystal ball.


This same problem is looking.
Kodular application Companion.
I think it is bug.
Taking time 5-10 second showing white screen.

Than open screen

Plz solve it…
I request …Uh.

It same problem in my application.

Definitely, it is a bug of your blocks. Please show your blocks.

Maybe you mean Koder?

Uh what?

Normal behavior when on the companion. Install as apk.

Others application usually not behavior like this …showing white screen in starting.

Please show your blocks or else no one except you can solve it.

This is my screen1 blocks

I’m waiting for


Have anyone answer ?

there are still experimental components, try another way!

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Try to disable when screen1 initialize start update and see if it still stuck in the white screen. Btw, export the apk to test it.

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