App Approval for unity ads

What is the name of your app?
My app name is InfoHUB. It’s my website app…

Describe your app:
It’s a simple app . using a web viewer. With 2 unity ads elements.
I use them, First, I contact unity ad Management, Which allows me to put ads, where ever I want.
Maybe. The app code is now less, But, I will improve. it, I will reach this app at an advanced, level
I just wanted, that, Please approved my app. because it is not violating any law,
and Unity, personally allows me, to use their ads, So, you can take your commission, But, please approved my app.


thanks, If you need more information about the app, just tell me,

Please send the screenshot it is not visible

2 ads with a webviewer?
It’s not a good combination.
Webviewer apps are not monetized by Kodular.

To request monetisation approval, please go to

Also make sure that your app follows the guidelines before submitting.

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It’s my own site,

Sure , Dear , I will upload it next time ,

Ok. , I will let you know,

I requested, But 3 days are passed. Please let me know…
That you approved my app… I am still waiting ,