App Approval pending

Please review and approved my ads

expain your problem in detail

My app not approved for admob add

Kindly, please wait. there is lot of apps in list.


Please urgent approved my app for admobe add

if you have no earning app and no things about sex( porno) inside your app, your app will be allowed to show admob ads otherwise your app will not be allowed to show ads.
the team has to check 1000 of apps each day, Than you have to think that all what they do is free work for them so give them a bit time before you get crazy about your ads.


I Message Submitted 11 may.but why late

that was for 9 days. as i told you the team has to check 1000 of apps, do you think they do only this and not more.
It will take time, if you have no time than you have to take other ad networks or anything else.
The team will check your app 100%
ask at the end of the month again if nothing happends.