App approved - still can we make changes?

Hi there,
My app got approved by Kodular. So here is a question, the app is not showing real ads. What could be the possible reason for that? And my second question is, after app is approved, can I make changes in my app? If yes, am I supposed to submit the app once again for approval or it is not necessary as one time it has been approved, and I can make changes whatsoever I want.
Please clarify this to me.

make sure test mode is turned off

And for the after approval changes thing - yes you can make changes to your app, you dont have to get your app approved every time you make some changes in it. Your approved aia will remain approved until it is deleted, or disapproved by kodular, till then you are free to edit the aia. But make sure you do not violate admob policies, Kodular may recheck the aia in future

however if you restore an aia of that app then you will have to get approval again for your app for that restored aia. Any more doubts ? feel free to ask


Thanks a lot for the reply bro. So far, my test mode is off, but I don’t know why my app after being approved even is not showing real ads. What could be the second possible reason according to your knowledge and experience?

can you show me a screenshot which type of ad is shown in your app ? may be then i can tell you

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