App Automatically close after splash screen

For some reason, my app is getting killed as soon as the splash screen is loaded.
I tried many ways none of them seems to be working.

So its getting killed when it’s trying to enter this page [image below]

Any guess why? Thank you in advance.

You are confusing your app with multiple same if condition… try to group it accordingly…

Also if you are checking in companion then make sure you have filled screen title, subtitle column and filled

You need to use only two if else…
If lang is en, or ka that’s all

However pls have a read this

Avoid crashes

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Hi, Thanks for the response,

I simplified the conditions. Still, it’s crashing.
Actually, I disabled the entire. initialize block still is crashing.

I disabled all the blocks and still its crashing!

Have you checked About Screen Title in designer’s view ? Is it empty or not ?


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Its populated, not empty.

Use logcat to find what is the issue

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If you see unbound location null in logcat’s error then check that long list in Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

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DO you use any extension? Have you checked the fields mentioned in the link that i post earlier?

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@Still-learning and @dora_paz: Thank you very much for the response,

The problem is fixed now.

It was the Switch Components that was leading the app to crash!
I had emptied the Switch On and Off message field as I had different text boxes for the message. But looks like the ON/Off message field should not be empty!

Thank you again for taking the time to help me debug the problem.


So you didn’t see or read this post it seems

Great… :+1::+1:

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When you uses adb to find the crash logs then it’s sometimes difficult to find them as there are a lot of logs shown. So here you can search for a particular text in your logs this way.

Run adb logcat | findstr AndroidRuntime.

Above command will search for AndroidRuntime in logcat and this will show you the filtered logs that contains AndroidRuntime in tag or logs.

You can search anything with findstr. For ex,
If you want to get logs of only your apps then run adb logcat | findstr {PACKAGE_NAME} and this will show you the logs that contains your application package.

And use adb logcat -c to clear the last logcat before finding new logcat

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