App closed on screen1
i created a new app and when i opened it, it was closed at screen1 continuously without error . any one have a solution?

It would be nice to show the blocks here!

What that timer does is to pause the animation and open the “start” screen all the time, continuously, every 1000 milliseconds (or as many milliseconds as the clock has).

At some point you have to stop the timer (Timer Enabled = false )

Also note that you must switch between screens correctly to avoid problems.
One way to do this is this:

Cambiar entre pantallas Otro Metodo

There are other ways too.


changed the blocks screen name is correct but still app was getting closed on screen1 without any error.

also show initialize blocks of screen2(start), maybe something there closing app while initializing.

No need to close screen
When close Timer do : open another screen Scree Name

use timer always fire to false . block

Is this true? To open another screen without closing the previous one never was a good idea, at least not at appybuilder back then.

Switching incorrectly between screens can always cause problems.
That’s why there are guides that teach you how to do it correctly.

Show the blocks on screen 2.

On screen 1 do you have more blocks?

Do turn off Time Fires Always Option then its done

My Screen recording:

My Blocks:

Apk:CheckLottieSplashScreen.apk (5.4 MB)
Aia:CheckLottieSplashScreen.aia (15.5 KB)

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