App closing problem

When i press back button on screen 1 . open another page . when again press back button . open screen 1 . app not close . can anyone suggestion me

show us your back pressed button event blocks…

blocks (26)
blocks (27)

its on diffrent page

Do you want achieve both on back pressed…? Then use index method.

You Can Give Me Other Options.

how can i use index method

Did you answer this?

yes i want to use both

Actually you cannot use both…


If first event triggered on back pressed, open another screen, then you come back and again while you press back then again the first event only will trigger. Instead think other way

Use some label click to open another screen and

Or you have to save the index value every time you back press and call the index

how can i use index

Initialize one variable with zero

On Back preßsed
Set that global index to get index +1
If get index =1
Open another screen
Set index to zero
Close the Application

I repeat , in the above step, index 2 will never trigger unless you save this index value intinydb or share value