App compiling problem

firebase database url is empty for JOIN_PART_FB_DB. fill it, or delete it.

Sort out using Red Colour error from every screen, then you will get that.

Still showing error

let me check for more.

Nothing there @ombhat327

looks like you project is corrupted , have you imported that from some where or used any file or extension which was not compatible.

you have to tried to edit aia, and imported an aia from another app and used aia project in assets folder. so that was creating problem to compile apk. i have cleared that and sent you aia in PM.

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No i built it by myself

May be

i just used 3 extensions before

but when i saw error then i remove these but after removing these the error was there

i use these extensions

  1. youtube embeded extension by deep host
    2 KIO4 Gradient extension
    3 date tools From here

nothing else without these files

there was a whole project files copied to your assets folder, with deep host extension.


Ok Thank you for helping me

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This recurs quite often now

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because users try to edit aia with rar for adding extensions manually, or for many extension of @Deep_Host users need to add assets manually so that happens.

@ImranTariq i did not edit any aia file

i just update that extension without removing older one and after that i faced that problem

i dont know how that file moved in assest files

i am saying that many users are doing that these days and also some extensions which are paid, users try to copy them in their aia .

Ok but i baught that extension

I think this is a problem in builder or extension

hi ap ka
namber ky ha

What does this mean in English please

He is asking for their number

for what purpose ?

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