App crash when entering the screen with Stage/Sprites

I’m making my app for the contest but the app crashes when I enter in the screen with a stage and some sprites…
I send you the apk: Spooky_Catch.apk (3,9 MB)

Could you fix this?

Does your project depend on /sdcard/AppInventor/ dir?

How can I see it?

Update: It seems yes… the media files are in the AppInventor folder and I don’t see any Makeroid folder in sdcard dir…

Can you check by reconnecting the companion?

The companion created the Makeroid folder
However, the screen with the stage still crashing…

What file path do use for image sprites?

I write the name of the file directly…

I’ve increased the max size to 5Mb :+1:

Thanks. The issue is still unresolved…

Done :sweat_smile:
I was just checking other topics, as this is the first time today I check the community :sweat:

I mean the app issue… related to stage and sprites…

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Could someone help me? :weary:
@pavi2410 doesn’t reply my messages…

I couldn’t find any perfect reason in the logs. I think enabling hardware acceleration should solve this, which I will add an option so that it can be enabled. But, again, I’m not sure of the problem.

Could you confirm if this works with App Inventor?

I have to export from makeroid and import into App Inventor?


This is the error when I build the app in App Inventor 2:
Error generating Yail for screen 4615655864926208_Screen1: : Cannot read property 'map' of undefined. Please fix and try packaging again.
Do you have any ideas?

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