App crashes after exactly 27 clicks

The last app I made was very slow due to high amount of code blocks (+1000) in a few screens.
So I decided to try and make this one lighter by using little code divided in multiple screens, It runs really fast but as the tittle says it crashes at exactly 27 clicks.

Any thoughts?


Are you doing anything on 27 clicks? Check your image files Your app might be running out of resources and it happens if your Images are too big

I should have been more specific, every click navigates the app to another screen. (14 Screens, 7MB apk size). Could it still be a resource problem?

Show blocks of how you go from one screen to the other one


Correct answer button:


And to starting page through side menu and header:


There you have the Issue, bad way of switching screens

And in Kodular this i the recommended method of switching screens



I’ll give it a go, Thank you.

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