App crashes or closes automatically after 5 seconds with no error message

Hi, My video app was working alright in companion and APK until I uploaded new files and thumbnails.

The app works fine in companion but in APK crashes after 5 seconds. (But if I limit the display of thumbnails to around 5 per row, it works fine in APK too.)

The homepage displays over 75 thumbnails under three tabs and various subcategories. Thumbnails are fetched async using DevYBImageloader extension. I use DynamicComponents extension to make cards for display. KevinkunExtension connects to the airtable.

The Start page fetches the Airtable data, and moves to Home. I clear memory and disk cache before making the homepage galleries.

There is a google ad banner, and it is working fine.

Attaching the logcat file.

I have researched and made several attempts to address the flaw, like removing the ad banner, checking for missing information, etc.

Any help appreciated.

logcat5.txt (5.3 MB)

Here is the relevant part from the logcat


04-22 12:05:54.608 28682 28682 E AndroidRuntime: Process: io.makeroid.companion, PID: 28682

04-22 12:05:54.608 28682 28682 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Child drawer has absolute gravity LEFT but this DrawerLayout already has a drawer view along that edge

Maybe one of the authors of the extensions you are using does have a suggestion?


Thanks Taifun. I will need to research Drawers… I found something in stackexchange on this.

The logcat reported that the homepage was doing too much work. So that was causing the crash. I use Dynamic Extension to make cards, arrangements and images on the fly and there are 3 main tabs and five sub categories, and these are further subdivided.

I was making all card at once on the homepage. To solve the crash issue, I now make the cards only when a tab is clicked.

The issue is thus resolved.

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