App crashing for list viewer after new update 1.1.3

After update 1.1.3 my app crashing randomly. When I clicked any button it automatically stop and crashed. But before 1.1.3 update it working fine. Also Makeroid getting more slower then previous. Lagging to much​:pensive:


I’m having this same problem in “open another screen…”

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  1. You should show us what you try.
  2. It can not be slower since we changed only wrong things in components and not at the builder itself

We have nothing changed on that block.
Make sure that screen is correct that you try to open.
Btw you did not switch screens correct.
Make a forum search How to switch screens correct

Yes sir I checked everything things screen name is currect. And sometimes others buttons also doing the same thing :pensive:

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As I said learn to switch screens correct.
Please provide here the apk that crashes for you.
Then I take tomorrow a look to that

in my case the problem is in the list view

Create a correct bug topic about your problem please with a lot of Informations @lipscellplay

Try to do first what I said:
Switch screens correct.
Then tell again if the problem is still there

Yes sir switch screen are currect.

Not really… You showed me in your picture that you dont switch screens correct

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Sir I found the problem. The problem is not in screen switching the problem is in list view. Which which page I used list view those screens are not opening. But when I deleted list view screens are opening. Please solve this problem.