App Crashing ! Not even opened once

Hi Koders,

i m just stuck with Crashing of the App!! Earlier the Same App Was Running Fine ! i had just changed some links in the App, Icons, Side Menu Images, Name.

Even tried to change the Package from
xyz.example.package TO com.example.package

i had just searched a lot to get a hint from crashing. i had also tried to remove some Unused Images , but still can’t get it working!


Can you share the APK file? It will help to understand the problem.


Check if the size of the icons and side menu images you added is not big.

Also, make sure the name doesn’t contain any invalid character

Could you please Suggest the Size of Images?

But the same Aia was running before but after some changes when exported , its crashing and not Opening!

If a “-” is invalid then my app name contains it

I think valid icon size would be 96 * 96px

But I think the problem may be in app name.As you told :point_down:

Remove "-" and try again. Hope this works :slight_smile: :+1:

But i already tried to remove “-” from app name but still the same think.

Is any error message displayed when the app crashes?

As i said Its Not Opening!! Just Saying Unfortunately the App Stopes

As I already said share the APK (if you can), so that we can check if it happens to us too or not.

Here the App

VideoStatusMuhaji (4).apk (6.6 MB)

Link not working.

I had edited that !! plz check and download

Hmm… It’s crashing on my phone too. Try resizing your image as @Vaibhav said. Also your package name seems very big, try changing it.

Are you using any Grid View extension?

11-08 12:34:16.563 E/AndroidRuntime(10070): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{}: java.lang.RuntimeException: invoke: no method named `a_Key' in class nara.narisoft.kuszab86.GridCardView.GridCardView

Yes i m using it.

Thanks! I will check that all grid CardView component have a a_Key .

By the way could you please tell how to crack this error. As there is no error shown while app crash.
I wanna to know please.

What do you mean by that?

I mean how you detect this error. As you have pasted the full error