App crashing when opening the screen with list view

Iam talking about what you have added in the screen that is called test.
Which blocks are in that screen?

only one list view

Sir I found the problem. The problem is not in screen switching the problem is in list view. Which which page I used list view those screens are not opening. But when I deleted list view screens are opening. Please solve this problem


Then look what you do with the listview.
We cant solve your bugs. This is your job

But before 1.1.3 update its working fine. I think problem in 1.1.3 update


defauth list view is not working

Not working is no error description

Sir, i recently have received more than 2000 messages from my WhatsApp group that their apps are not working and crashed when they usrd list view component.


Why do you guys tell us in this topic your Problems?!
Why not create a own topic?
It is not respectfull to post your problems in other persons bug topics…

Brother you create a new topic about crashing screen for list viewer

Simple suggestion, make a small aia which represents the error, as then we are several who can troubleshoot…


I can confirm this, List Viewer is the cause for the crash…


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I have tried from API16 to 24 no difference error still stands…


Ok, it must be that you are making changes because now open APK but can’t install It. I have tried the SDK version up to API 23 which is the version of my phone and It does not allow it

Hola amigo, tengo el mismo problema, mi app se inicia con normalidad, pero al entrar a la segunda screen, mi app se cierra, tengo listview. pero ayer todo funcionaba bien. y ahora estoy probando el nuevo companion y me lanza error de cada componente.

@Domi I happen to flag your post before I read it carefully and I have answered it.
but you don’t have to hijack the thread and continue with irrelevant questions, create a new thread in that case.

@chocotincalero Sorry, I’m just a helper and not a developer so we have to wait…


Thank you @Boban

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hello Mr. @Boban and @Mika
i also tried to find the solution by trying different methods and it seems the problem is with the list view component. but there is no problem if using list view with image component.

test AIA file - list_view_test.aia (2.3 KB)

using list view component on live test mode produces this arror -