App Crashing with no errors when opening

Can you show me what error showing their

There’s no error, the app just closes. As said here.

Oh ok please check extensions used their they can be caused for crashing

I have, I have used the test extensions for all of them, but nothing’s working. I’ll give it another shot though.

It’s none of those extensions, just checked and they work perfectly on a test app.

What is your app what are u making

It’s a hangman app, basically, as you’d expect, words, the wrong letter = a bit of the stickman drawn.

Ok you show ypur blocks

It has a lot of blocks, like a lot so is it okay if I just message it to you?

Or do you want just a specific part of it?

Ok you can pm me

Have you download the latest version of phase? Outdated phase also will lead to auch problem. If possible update it and try

I have, yes, it’s on V2.2.2 but I have found out that the reasoning is that there’s too much block coding on one screen, is it possible to fix that without having to redo the whole project?

Number of blocks used?

So for some reason it started working, I can’t really do much since I’m not at home but when I get home I’ll tell you if it is fixed or not.

So let me understand, you bought [Sold Out] Hangman Word - Learn more words everyday to boost your vocabulary and now both the developer and you are asking the same ?

Use logcat to find what causes the crash

Well nobody replied after like 12 hours so I was guessing that they just thought someone was talking about the game. So yes, yes we are.

Use logcat as suggested or since you paid for it ask the developer to fix it

Just found out it was because of the ads, it’s fixed now though.

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