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Hey all i am trying to make a app in which we speak the name of a app and it would it would open that app

It’s like open app by name

I looked for extension on google and kodular community, If any one knows how to do this
Then please help me :pray:t3:

show what you did so far

Must it work on the background too?

not necessary

You should read this before posting your query on community.

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did i made some mistake ?

To detect the voice,

(or there are many extension related to it

And to open the application;

(Also there is an extension for that too, you can search on community)

Also, you should make and put some own logics to make It happen.


Did you read the topic I quoted ?
You didn’t made any mistake but it is always a better idea to try something first, try searching on community for related query, learn to use built in components.

It is a good thing that you have an idea and you want to make it happen but in community we appreciate some effort that you make to get your app done.

So, the point I’m trying to say is, instead of saying your idea and questioning how to do it would be better that you elaborate what have you tried? what have you found on community? Where do you stuck? By doing this there is better chance for you to get your query solved.

Hope you understood what I’m trying to say.


@Oye_Lucky , You need to use the extension posted by @oseamiya for recogniation of app name into a text from voice. After you get the app name then use this extension for getting the package name of the app through app name

And also, you can use this extension for launching the app.
Hope it helps you.

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