App development problem

hey all i am trying to make an app in which we speak the name of the app and it would open it

i have koded it but its showing this error

i am unable to fix this can somebody help me

my code

and i have used taifun package manager extension

Have you noticed the errors?

got the error let me try again

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@dora_paz i am not sure i did it correctly now can you rectify it and its showing another error

my code


Use Do it to debug your blocks for example you set global appnameeeeeee to contains text piece block so the value that gets global variable is either true or false and then you want to get value for key true in an empty dictionary

@dora_paz i am sorry but i didn’t understood

finding it a bit complicated to understand

See Text - Kodular Docs


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Also the way you create your dictionary is wrong. For now Rendezvous server is down so I can not check it. I will post later some blocks :slight_smile:

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thanks @dora_paz

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Try this

packagemanager_speech.aia (29.9 KB)

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okay will try it in 5 minutes

hey i will test the app in some time as the server is busy and my companion is not working

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@dora_paz I just compiled the app and tried it , it is working perfectly thanks for your help :grinning: