App development problem

hey all I am planning to make a voice assistant app

I had a doubt that in that voice assistant app I want to add multiple questions and answers
, but adding each question manually is a task so I made JSON data with the questions and answers

JSON data that i made :point_down:

the code that I tried to extract the data

but it’s not working and I have another doubt that in some questions

example: what is the time
what time is it

so what I wanted is that I cant add all the questions like the example so I wanted

if the statement ( speech recognizers result ) contains the question (what is the time) or the word time then it would answer it

how can I add and or statement for the question in JSON?

the q variable is the JSON data

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sorry for my mistake :pensive:

The error comes from get result block

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@dora_paz updated blocks

and 2 error

See an example, my json

[{"question":"How are you today ?","answer":"fine"},{"question":"Did you go to school ?","answer":"No"}]

and my blocks

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