App does not run sdcard files

By root access you mean superuser? Then no.

Error code reference: Error codes - and what it means

In your case, the player doesn’t doesn’t find the file. I’m not sure why tho.

I mentioned the term root because it is written like that in the extension documentation. Not a super user. It finds the file name, but the player does not run. It is.

this does not make sense

read the documentation about how to use the blocks, see also the screenshot by @WatermelonIce

In my global ListaVolumes variable, I receive two values. It is a list that receives the available stores as shown in my blocks in first post. The part that you circled in blue causes the directory to be configured for the 2 item in the list mentioned. And in this case that 2 is the internal storage. And I repeat that this part is working. The problem is that the player does not play the selected file when it is on the sdcard.

I read the documentation a lot before coming, but the documentation is a little vague and that’s why I came to clear up the doubts that I can’t understand with the documentation.

can you provide an example path you are trying to use with the player component?

Try this APK:

It should work on all Android versions and on all devices.
You can pick and play mp3 files from every path of the external storage including an external (removable, micro) SD card and display the corresponding paths.

Let us know if it works for you (btw, what’s your device / Android version?).

@Taifun, I didn’t understand what you asked for. Could I post the apk for you to understand what’s going on?

@bodymindpower, This apk worked, but only through manual selection. Can you pass the .aia so I can study it?

My android is version 9.

What does that mean "only through manual selection?

It means that I need to go to the folder where the mp3 is and select what I want. I need to tell your app which folder and which way it can play the song.

What I intend to do is make this process automatic, without user intervention. If you can give me the .aia of this apk and if it is not wrong I ask for it I would be very grateful.

Show your blocks where you set the path for the Player.
I’ll show you how to correct it.


Connect your device to Companion and make a right mouse click → Do it on this block:

and post the result.

Here it is, as you asked.

But I just realized something. When building the list, the extension is changing the name of the store. For example … my device’s external storage is this … “/ storage / 50F0-1611 /”. The internal storage would be this … “/ storage / emulated / 0”. And the variable “global Musica”, is setting the path for all items as “/storage/emulated/0/myfile.mp3”. so I think the error is here. It helps me to understand if this extension is configured correctly.

The result for the

  1. external (removable) SD card should look like this:


  1. for the root directory of the external storage:


Here are the blocks to get the correct paths:

I think the problem is with the extension that is sending the wrong list value. Could you check my fileAfterSync blocks please

No, check my blocks. They will work.

I got inspired by your blocks and put these together. Now error message 2101 (file not found) does not appear, but the file does not execute. What could I have done wrong? I am sending the blocs and the results of COmpanion

What does this mean? Is the mp3 not played?
Your blocks should work.
Post a test aia. I can take a look.

Btw, what is that (you should get the same result / path):

Exactly. The mp3 is not playing. Posting test.aia
test.aia (42.8 KB)