App export problem close

Am I the only one experiencing the issue when I export my app and the QR code pops up the Close button does absolutely nothing?

Can you please elaborate your query?

No, you are not alone…


What browser are you using? I tried Opera, Firefox and Chrome and it works for me.

:fire: :fox_face:

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Does it also happen with a new project?

Haven’t tried with new but this was whit new imported project

Imported from? Kodular, Thunkable, AppyBuilder?

Don’t even have files left over from them

Can you pm me your aia?

No need, only way to get rid of the dialog was to reload the page, after that I was able to build and close the dialog however, this was not the first time this happened


Same here.

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This is a different query I think (not related to already going on discussion)

Maybe you have big assets.