App for a playstation cafe

I want to make an app for a playstation cafe
I want to record the time of every screen on the PlayStation For example, screen number 1 will work for 2 hours I want when the 2 hours are up the app will send a notification
I want the data to be recorded even when the application is closed
How do I make this application?

First of all kodular app dose not work after closing. And second you can use background task extension for any event you want to execute in the background.

If you talked about the extension for background tasks, what good extension? Because I tried to use and failed.

Try this one check if this works.

I can not figure out how to use this extension for what I wanted!

The extension has documentation read and you’ll be able to get the idea on how to use it. It’s looks complicated but trust me when you understand how it’s work you won’t have any issues working with it.

This is the problem, I did not understand how to use. I would be happy if you could bring me a picture of the law that performs the action I wanted to do, that way I know what everything says there.