App is always crashing

Before this month I have created two different apps and monetized both of them with Admob ads, these apps works smoothly but now I am creating any app and monetize them with any ads company offered by Kodular, these app always crashes but without monetization these apps also works perfectly. Blocks are same for all apps. I have tried my best, please help me.
Thank you

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With respect you have not given anything actionable for people to help with.

I can and will help if you give more clarity.

Storyhorror.aia (405.3 KB)

Here’s one project AIA file

I unlist your question. You already told this in another topic. And when you ask a question you have to do it the right way. Read the link.

I didn’t get any solution to solve my problem

What about being patient? Maybe users didn’t help because of the lack of info. Maybe there was no answer to your problem. What is clear is that double posting is not allowed.

You have unlisted my both posts

Edit your first post. If you give enough info i can unlist it.

Which type of information I have to give

I guess you didn’t read the topic.

I have edited my first post, please read and list it