App is crashing after showing splash screen

Hello guys. I’m doing a simple project that involves login, registration, reset password and recognize when a user is logged in.

It was working perfectly yesterday, I just changed a few things and now the app crashes whe show the splash screen.

I already went to the guide where there are possible reasons for an app to crash, like leaving fields empty, but that doesn’t seem to be it.

I’m distressed and I don’t know how to find out the error. Please help me

this is my last aia: FitterTech.aia - Google Drive

my android version: 12

I don’t see the point in showing the blocks now, because I don’t know how to identify what’s there, but everything went wrong when I refreshed the “ImportE454D” screen and deleted some Project Buckets

Also, I’m trying to understand how to use adb logcat, but it seems so complicated :frowning:

this screen that is locking?

i don’t even know. in the moment i open the app, it closes in the splash screen :frowning:

i can’t even see this screen when i download the app, only in the companion

test now please

FitterTech_v1.apk (8.4 MB)

OMG, IT’S OPENING. how did you do that? what was wrong?
THANKS, IT’S AMAZING. there are a couple of bugs that was not there before, but of course I can solve (i guess?).

could you please send me the aia?

thanks a bunch again, you don’t know how happened me!

same thing happen with me, what will be the reason?

your solution is simple you are getting the following error.

go to your “inicial” screen and deselect that selection.

all i know is that a lot of times it’s because of component settings. the same happened to me. I recommend this topic and

[Deprecated] Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

Adb logcat - how does it work?

if nothing helps, send your question following all the requirements. The community is very assertive and helpful

LOL, I couldn’t image! thank you for being so kind to me. For me almost never appears error messages in kodular, I guess i’ll have to search about it…

Could you send me the aia file, please? Thank you so much again <3

here it is
FitterTech_v1.aia (659.5 KB)

thank you! have a good day! :slight_smile:

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