App Is Crashing

I Had Made A Quiz app Which Calls Admob interstitial If User Gives Each Answer But When admob ad didn’t load and user gives another answer and again it calls the ad to load but the app crashes…please help me…

show block or error screenshot

This error is happening in every screen when i call admob interstitial ad to load when it fails to load…
Error Screenshot

Can you show your blocks

There you have your issue


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It means i can’t use admob ad failed block to load ad again if it fails to load. But this was not happening before but after this ipdate this is happening again and again so please fix it if possible otherwise will you help me to load ads without any issues…

I think with a sentence like this nobody will help you.
They team will not change the update for your ads.
If you cant load ads why do you want to load the ad again if it does not work. You should check, why you cannot load your ads. and not load it again if it does not work. This makes no changes.

The reply is NULL from admob when i load ads.

This reply null form admob means no add to show so try contacting admob for best solution