App is getting closed when user open mailing app for OTP

Hello, I have created an application with Kodular. I’ve added an OTP function in it. But there is a problem, when user opens GMail to see OTP then the application is getting stopped. How to allow app to run in background.

Kodular apps can’t run on background. Minimize your app and then open mail app.

How to do that?

Tapping home button on your device!

This is closing screen , which makes app to initialize again. By that app forgets OTP and Sign In Data

Share your app.


Everything working good on my device. You may using an low-end device with low memory.

It is working fine in other apps, but when GMail inititalizes then my app get closed…

No matter, I got an idea to fix this with Tiny DB…

Thankyou for your response

Post the solution for any people who have the same problem.

I jave saved the OTP and other login details such as Name, E-Mail and Password in TinyDB. Then I’ve used blocks that when Screen initialize check if tiny db otp is not empty, if so then set respective textbox to respective details from tiny db and then hide signup layout and show otp layout and verify.

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