App is not working

before 20 days i completed a app, and the app was working very fine ,but today i builded the apk again and noticed that the app is working very slow and sometime it is closing automatically . dont understand what is the issue , i did not made any changes in the app

No clue for us from your words… have you checked the global pinned message of our community forum?

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Is it the problem with kodular?
I think that problem is with device you tested
Did you use apk file or Kodular companion

if you use companion : try using as .apk file to test because companion may work slow based on your internet

else if you use
.apk on mobile(I just told mobile as an example only it can be tablet also)

(1)Do other apps work smoothly on that device (mobile or tablet)
if no then problem is with device
if yes problem may be because of any other things

(2) Try testing on other device

thanks-havish-happy coding