App is opening multiple times

Describe your issue

its an old annoying bug happens in App Inventor too. I mention it here just to see if we can resolve it

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. install app first time and press “launch” from the screen in the screenshot
  2. when screen1 appear press on device home button to move app to background
  3. press on app icon and open app again
  4. press device back button to exit - bug: instead of exit the app I returned to the same screen1!

Expected Behaviour

just 1 session should be exist , not multiple

Actual Behaviour

instead of exit the app I returned to the same screen1 (second back will close the app but it depends how much times I moved app to background)

Show your Blocks

dont have blocks

Android version


Post a small aia.


Currently, i have checked it in my app and it is working fine.
Post your .aia or .apk to check

This only occurs sometimes when you have the app open in the background, update it, and then launch it directly from the package manager. Not really a Makeroid bug, as far as I can tell. Even if it is, not disruptive.

This type of problem may occur when you don’t switch screens correctly. Here’s an example on how to switch screens correctly:

I put the aia here but there is nothing in there just 1 screen and button.
note that after it happens once its not happen again , except from the first time after installation
I recorded a short video, you can see that im opening the app > going to background with device home button > open app again > and when Im pressing on device back button I get Screen1 again (little jump in the screen)instead of exit the app > i pressed back again and now i succeeded to exit the app.

I’ve tested it on like 4 or 5 devices and same behavior in all of them

test2.aia (1.0 KB)

It would go a lot faster to help you if you posted some relevant blocks on how you change screens and what blocks you use to quit the app.


I have no blocks at all i mentioned it in the first post.
you can use the AIA. blocks work area is empty

Sorry then no issues here.