App keeps crashing when triggering code

Hi, Something in my code keeps my app crashing. It happens when I press [space] here are the blocks:

I cant seem to find the error.


compare text get char = [space]

is the trigger that freezes / crashes it.

This can help you !

None of the components I use is mentoint there, also I have had this before that it created an endeless loop for example. Yes your app crashes on that point…

What are you trying to achieve with this procedure ?

At first try to disable your all blocks. And test the app.
If your app crashes. its mean problem in components

I am creating a simple but fun ide/prgrm language. In this function I wanna check if the line of code is correct. But I need to “overwrite” the vars because they are not set. For example: set [var1] to [var2] I need to replace the vars with then the output is set [] to [] this is always the same so I can compare with a list of valid lines. understand> :slight_smile:

Is your block working in live testing ?

I did if I type now it doesnt crash. Its when I press space while the blocks are active

No, The companion crashes too

You could use regex expression for example


So does this work if the variable is [joe]? Because they can be whatever the user wants to

also do you have an link to the extension?

I have found it out myself. TYSM for letting me see this extension. This helps sooo much!!!

It just worked but now not anymore while changing nothing :frowning:

I found my way to let it work without crashing. Anyway thanks all for trying to help me :slight_smile:

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Try this, will replace whatever is in bruckets with


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