App Keeps Crashing

Hey There,
I am making a QR Scanner app, and I have got it working but I added a custom loading screen. For some reason when the timer ends and it goes to change pages it crashes the whole app. Could anyone tell me why?


Welcome, you have to give more info. What do you do in screen2. Show the blocks you use. Have you extensions in your app, how big are your assets, etc.


Hey Peter so sorry for late reply :slight_smile:

This is the block on Screen1 image

This is Screen2. I do not been see anything here because it crashes as soon as this page loads

Do you use big assets like images in your app.

I don’t think so, I copied this over from my MIT app after I found Kodular and edited it a little bit tho

So no assets at all? Extensions used?

Maybe post your aia.

Your images are 7000 pixels big. Make them smaller like 100 pixels and see if that makes a difference. Images that are so big uses to much memory. That’s why it crashes i guess.


Oh wow, I did not know they were that large let me change them now :slight_smile:

Thank you!! It is all working now :slight_smile:

You should also read this topic.


Will do. thanks for the link

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