App Link alternative

Is there any way I can open the app just from a link without installing the app from Google Play Store?

Naturally, without user intervention to put the link through the default settings.

you could upload your apk file to Google Drive and install it from there

No, my friend, I mean like the deep link function…

But without the need for the application to be present or installed on the Play Store

probably the activity starter is something you are looking for?

see also Using the Activity Starter Component

also package manager extensions are able to launch an app using the package name…
for example App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps


Unfortunately, it seems that I could not explain well.

I need something like deeplink for my application…

When I click on a custom link in another application, such as WhatsApp, for example, it does not open the browser, but rather opens my application.

This thing is present in some add-ons on the platform, but my application must be available on the Play Store…

I want to know if there is any alternative method for these additions that would make the user able to access my application directly when he clicks on a custom link… but without himself customizing the application settings from the default settings.

did you already try a search in the community?

@Taifun Yes, I did.

You just didn’t understand me well.

My application will not be available on the Play Store, so all these Extensions will not work on it