App location permission, why?

Hello everyone!

In one of my applications, in the play console, it appears that this application accesses the location in the background and they ask me for details about it.

My intention is not for the application to access the location.

Only the application queries the device language to translate the application using strings.json.

How can I check the permissions that my application is requesting and see the location?

Why might my application ask for this permission?

In other similar applications this does not happen to me and I have not found a solution here in the forum.

Thank you very much to whoever responds, greetings!

You might want to tell what kind of app it is?
What are th components used?
Have you used any extensions? etc…

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It is a quiz app.
I have not used any extensions, the application works with the “normal” blocks. I use resource utilities and device utilities.
The application has two screens, 1 notifier, activity starter, sharing …
I have very similar applications that don’t ask for permission, I don’t know why.

check the documentation for the permissions of each component you are using
for example device utilities needs android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE



Thanks for your attention @Taifun , you’re great helping me.
I’m going to check what you’re saying and send it to the play console, lots of thanks

Did you use ads components in your app?


Yes, admob inter and admob banner.

But I have other app’s with the same structure and adds and they don’t have the problem. I don’t know why this is the only one.

Google has rejected my update of the application in which I explained that permission android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE is necessary to translate the application using resource utilites, device utilities and a strings.json. I’m going to send it again, but I think that i’m doing something wrong and I can’t found what is, :frowning:

I know ads components use location to target audiences. It would be illogical for me in the US to see India ads, right? That can only be filtered if the app sends the device location to the ads server.

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