App monetization

How I can monetize app wot the admob ads

Banner Ads:

Interstital Ads:

Reward Ads:

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Welcome @Laxman

You can use admob components like bannerr ads, intrestial ads and rewarded ads. For more you. An read the docs links are above. They are easy to use.

You need to contact admob - on your case - and get a id - ad unit ID when admob - that you need to input on the properties.
Note you can add ads three ways:

  • banners: small visible components that show ads
  • interstital: non-visible components that show fullscreen ads
  • reward video: non-visible components that show fullscreen videos where the user receives in-app rewards for viewing the ads.
    You also can get money with your app making it paid in play store.

Do you mean, create a admob account.
If not then we don’t need to contact them, by creating account you can create IDs for different ad types.

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