App Name and trademark question

If my app name is the name of App flashlight, App Game, App Calculator, etc.

And is there a question about whether there is a trademark infringement in the name plus “App”?
Will it infringe the trademark of the App Store?:thinking:

If I understood your question correctly, you can’t use any trademark in your app name even if you include the work “App” in it unless you have permission for that.

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But what I know is that if it is a generalized text, it seems that it is not possible to apply for a trademark?
(That is to say, anyone can use the text, there will be no infringement)

But is “App” a generalized text?

Ok, now I’ve understood your doubt.

Yes, it’s a common term nowadays (short form for application) and, to my point of view, there would be no concern in using it.

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Yes, I almost mean this, I want to name my app “App+(…)”.:grinning:

But,because the App Store has a trademark application, I am not sure if the “App” is a generalized text unless the App Store only applies for “Store” as a trademark.

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Couldn’t you use the opposite “(…)+App” then? :thinking:

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I think it should be the same no matter where you put it!
(As long as there is “App” text)

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