App Not Installed From Playstore

I have added this block to check App is installed from Playstore or not, If not it closes the App.
But I want to confirm that after submitting this update to Playstore, will it cause any problem to the Play Console Team while checking the App.??

You can instead of closing the app make an error page and within it make some kind of password to go through it at least as a test ground and if it works fine after you can remove it later

@mahmoud_hooda Only the developer can upload an extension, otherwise you post a link to the developer’s page or post. Besides that it is not allowed in the community to suggest using DeepHost’s extensions since he doesn’t provide support for his extensions


I actually use that block to check before loading ads and i think it’s safe to use it ( been using it for months ).

Are you sure?

I think Google only runs the Pre-launch Report & tests if an internal test track, alpha / beta test has been uploaded. So if you first remove this block for these test tracks, the Pre-launch reports will be created. After that, you could then add that block back in once you want to upload the production version.

this method works

the notifier is not shown but it close the app

With this method, updates are sometimes not approved.

It should not open the application home page instead of closing the application.

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