App not installed

I have published my App on PlayStore. And Installed in my devices from PlayStore as well.

There were some problems by me in TinyDB so I solved them in Kodular. And now it is working fine in Test mode of Kodular. I exported APK and tried to installed on my device. And I got error message "App not installed ". So I tried to install on other devices and same problem,

I uninstalled app and re-install it in my device and it worked. But all my TinyDB tags were deleted because of uninstall.

So how can I update APK from devicewithout uninstall App that is downloaded from PlayStore.

Use Google drive(or any cloud storage) instead of WhatsApp for sharing spk

This always happens to me, when I share aok through WhatsApp

Check your app Minimum API level.

During installing updated apk always uninstall previous one and installl updated.

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Check That This App Has Been Installed From Playstore And Installed Again Through WhatsApp Method . If You Have The Same App In The Device Through Playstore Uninstall It And Reinstall Through WhatsApp Method

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Actually Your App Signature should be same but if you upload app to play store then Google automatic change Signature so You can’t update app … But I think if you increase version code then you’ll be able to update … Try it (I’m not sure about it)

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I tried Google Drive and Dropbox as well. It didn’t worked. Also tried loacl storage but it didn’t worked.

If I uninstall it, My TinyDB tags get removed and I don’t know if problem is solved or not.

On Play Store it’s version 2. And the new APK I am trying is version 3. No it didn’t worked as well.

Can You Just Show Me Your Apk I will Try In Some Devices And By My Phone And Emulator

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Thank you for you help. I found problem. It is certificate problem. SO apps that is downloaded from PlayStore can not be update by APK from Device. You have to uninstall it and Install from device