App not working please suggests

I created tiktok like app, but it not working
Please solve my issuecooking (1).aia (7.1 MB)

Please provide more information such as how’s your app isn’t working and your blocks:


One thing I know you have Download the AIA file from YouTube or from some where

Important thing if you are thinking only get AIA file now your app is right then big no for you

Important thing you have to notice
Vps Server you have to buy
SQL database you need etc…

Note ( if you are thinking to use Firebase then also big no because Firebase also have limits )

You have invested in for making app like tik tok and you promote your app thought Google ads because when tik tok banned thousands of app like tik tok has launched

And I think you can’t add ads in your app because this doesn’t belong to you

Edit : I forgot to add this cloudinary

Cloudinary also have limits for free user
When bandwidth over your will stop working ok

welcome to our community @venkat!!! :smiley: you can tell which part is not working

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He doesn’t make this AIA file he Downloaded from YouTube

i have attached aia pls check , i think variable blocks not matching with airtable

videos not getting in home screen ,where i upload in cloudinary & airtable

It’s better to post your relevant blocks image.

Have you got any errors, so you might want to mention them.

no errors only blank screen while test

in cloudinary & airtable url loaded but videos not showing in home screen , i think variable block was not matching pls suggests solve my issue
attached aia is not full app i have to do lot more

true,i copied swipe video player pro blockes

if it downloaded means its did not work ! i copied only video player blocks

I told tiktok like app, not a tiktok company

What I do with your AIA file

I am working on my project

If I get Time then I will look on your project

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Please suggests when u r free

Expect asking here you can try own