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Hello everyone, everything good?

I need your help … I started now, I don’t know how to move well yet, and I don’t know many extensions … I’ve looked at several sites, like Thunkable, Kodular, MIT inventor and here, and I didn’t find exactly what I wanted … if anyone can help me, thank you!!!

I want to create an audit application for my company

This application, I want that on a given screen, I can create a checklist, where I can create items to be inspected

I have the extension “Custom_design_listview” from @deephost

in it I created this example:

When I click the button (1) it makes the cardview visible (2)

In that cardview (2), there is a text box (3), where I place the items that I want to inspect.

After placing the item in the text box (3), I click the button (4), and it creates this custom listview with the DeepHost extension (5)

When I click the button (9), it hides the cardview (2)

and when I click the button (10), it ends the inspection, and generates a report of what I inspected …

My question is as follows:

I wish that every time I click the button (3), it creates another item equal to (5), in the way the user wants, filling in the items (6) (7) (8) (infinite)

Have you thought about the click of (4) ADD, you take the value of (3) and save it in a standard list (variable list)? I did not use or download this extension. I don’t know what the parameters of this CUSTOM LIST VIEW are… I don’t know how you pass the values ​​to the list, but it can be the way around.

which database you want to use ?
Can you post that image with ENGLISH words.

Hey! I’m Brazilian, so if you want to talk in Portuguese you just need to send me a contact. About your problem, I need more information about the extension (I could not find it).

I can translate for you.

Adicionar itens a serem inspecionados = add itens to be inspected
teste de botão = button test
adicionar = add
pronto = done
teste de botão = button test
acrescentar itens = add itens
finalizar = finish

Appriciate ur work in translation but instead type your text in your language and get the translation from Google translate to English and paste here, will be more simple​:slightly_smiling_face: