App open another app when i click on notification

when my app is running and i receive a notification from one signal and i click the notification a new app will open. It is a music app then the app start to play another sound and the sound becomes echo cos 2 sounds it coming out at the same time. Any help on this?

Try This.

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Which player do you use?
You could do when one player sounds, the other one stops


Did you put any link on the notification?

And are you receiving the right notification from the right app?

i use exo player but when the app is playing and i received a message from one signal notification. when i click on the message from one signal it will open the the same app and the will start echoing as the same app playing the same sound twice

i don’t put any link to the notification, yes i received the right notification

Try to decompile your apk and add this line to the AndroidManifest.xml:


If I understand correctly, what happens is that clicking on the notification opens another copy of the same app. Right?
Can you show me how to open the app and play the song? Because maybe you can click on the notification to close the app and then open it with the song you want.

its an online radio

okay, will do that. Thanks