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Hi, I have currently created CVradio, an app that allows users to listen to local radios.
But I have a problem, I can not promote it properly to get many downloads (currently I have about 300 in samsung galaxy app store, 85 on google play and 0 on amazon).
Could someone give me some tips to get more downloads? thanks :grinning:


Instagram: Login β€’ Instagram

Google Play:

Amazon: CVradio - listen to the local radio stations : Apps y Juegos



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Make Your ads using Facebook Google admob or other platforms

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good idea, but with this I have to pay, Is there no other way to promote for free??

You said this ? and you don’t want to pay are you saying anything or you are not getting any revenue from your 300+ Apps ? :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

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I misspoke, it’s 300 downloads
sorry :sweat_smile:

Could you stop using large fonts. That is like shouting and we dont shout here.


Is it ok now @Peter

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From my experience, it usually takes my apps a few weeks/months to start gaining traction but I find that optimizing my store listings works best. Search App store optimiziation on google there are many tutorials.

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ok, thank you very much, could you send me an example of an app (link to google play) please.