App rejected due violation

I resubmitted the app and i was again rejected by this email.

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edit manifest and remove permission of Receive Sms from your apk bundle.

Did you read this (posted by Has, Google Groups):

This seems to be working. I managed to get the app published by uploading the newest release to a very old version on the Alpha track and promoting this version to the production track. I also deleted all versions on the other tracks.

Many thanks

How to edit the manifest

send you apk , i will edit, or search on google, you need any apk editor tool and extract apk then find and edit manifest file.

To decompile/recompile APK

But i dont know how to decompile the apk and edit the manifest

send your apk here or pm, i will do that for you.

I see no sense in doing so, it will be signed with wrong keystore, even if she gave you hers keystore you would have to do that each time she makes an update

I suggest letting her learn instead how to do that

my apk link : Safe (21)

if after removing that permission play store accept update, then i will teach her how to do that,

Go ahead, it’s your headache

acctually i am also learning it all, everything i have learned while solving for others. :smile: :sweat_smile: :joy:

I got the reason…
Why she got that rejection…

please say the reason

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Just tell me what’s the work of this button…


this button sends location of user as sms to their loved ones

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Thats the Only reasons…
Because the sms you send will share direct sms which means you are sending physical location of person… now try activity starter to send message…
Or explain them why you sending message directly…

can you please explain this how

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In content ratings they ask… Is your app share physical location…
I suggest you better use the way peter provide you …@indianreview10