App rejected due violation

Thanks for every one and i appreciate your support my app has been finally been uploaded on play store.


which method works for you?, so next users can do same for there apps.

I just removed the sms and replaced it with the activity starter


then you need to mark solution answer of @Alapjeet . now i have did that for you,


I told the same in the 5th reply of this topic. If only you have read it then itself, this discussion would not be stretched so much :man_facepalming:


I agree, the solution was given by @Vaibhav first. I marked it as solution.


I told her the complete reason about the violation may be that’s y Imran marked my ans as solution… :grin:


i have not opened link giving by @Vaibhav thats why… i havejust seen when she gets solution and @Alapjeet tried hard for her to understand thats why i marked his answer as solution, and what matters is she got solution finally,


I don’t have any problem whoever got the credit. For me its not important.
For thing for me is that whatever issue I faced I have to help other to solve that issue… :grin::grin:
Thank you @ImranTariq


The meaning here was if user @indianreview10 had read the reply earlier, then there would not have been so long discussion on this. As per me this is the wastage of both, resources and other user time ( as this thing had reached upto decompiling and recompiling things).

This displays the importance of reading. Don’t you think, if the original user had read each reply got on this topic thoughtfully, this case would have never occured?

And on the other hand every one here knew that if the user is sending the SMS he/she must be using the Texting components as it is most easiest and obvious method. If some user post more reply doesn’t prove that he/she trying to give the solution. Sorry, some may find my above point rude, but it’s a fact.

One more thing I am here to Learn and not to earn that green Solution tick mark


I agree, it’s not about WHO gets the solution, but I find it important to mark the solution to guide the users searching for it to get it quicker.


I agree with you buddy… Don’t be angry…
Everyone is here to learn…

I don’t why we all making a big issue for that small solution…
@Vaibhav… & I am sorry if I said something wrong…

you know there are badges for that who gives more solutions, so i care for that if i gives an solution and user get solution then he/she must mark as solution, so its good to be mar as solution and this is community we are here to discuss learn and teach so each reply on every post is meaningful. so its better to talk and learn, because i have learned everything here in community by reading posts and giving my opinions. and some users dont understand easily like if they are weak in English or they are too new to understand so for them we have to go deeper sometimes with help of blocks(thats why there is an option to download block) so for me everything is fare.


The solution feature is not there to make you earn badges instead its there because if anyone with the same problem would know the solution directly.

The link which I attached in my 5th reply already contained the blocks, so there was no meaning for other user to repeat those blocks in new reply

You are following a good practice by doing this but it doesn’t means that the more you read, the more you get. Sometimes you need to understand and read only those points which are important. Here the length of the replies got on the post doesn’t proves anything.

I hereby request moderators to please lock this topic or else this will be exaggerated more.

Edit: No need to be sorry @Alapjeet. You were just keeping your side and that’s fine

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Guys please stop yaar… I request you @Peter please please close this topic… I hate such type of arguments…
Everyone post matters so stop talking on all this guys
. @Vaibhav & @ImranTariq please don’t do like this…
We are koders & we have to maintain unity . Arguing like this is not good…

for me everyone is important. you & imran both help me alot… You both are my teacher & I don’t want you to behave like this guys… Hope you understand…