App removed from play store due to it contains the word "COVID"

Hi friends,

I published my app on Google Play, but Google has eliminated it because the name of my app contain the word (COVID), you know, for security only states or governments can do it. Ok.

But, my problem is:

I changed the name of my app (COVID ATTACK) by a new name (VIRUS ATTACK), and erased or changed every file (pictures, sounds etc… with the word COVID), but now, they banned my app againg bacause they say that COVID word remains existing in metadata of my app. Of couse, but the people don’t see it. Well, they ordered me that erase every trace of Covid word.

although I changed the name of my app for exemple, in the screen1 that was created before that the app name changed, remains in its Screen1.scm file the name (COVID ATTACK). That is the problem. I changed the name of my app, my the screens, remains showig the original name of my app, with the word “COVID”.

I have tried to edit the Screen1.scm file, but when I try to put the new aia on kodular, Kodular have a bug.

My app works fine, the final name, VIRUS ATTACK is showing rightly, every is fine, but in metadata files show the word “covid” yet.

I have searched on other community posts… and I tried to copy screens, imports/export screens, edit .aia… nothing work for me.

How can I remove every traces (COVID word) of the original old name from my app? Can I do it directly on KODULAR editor console?

Thank you.

Maybe decompile can help to find those data

have you replaced
The package name
And the Title of the screens

PM me your aia. I will do it for you.

it would be nice if you could explain exactly what you are doing

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Don’t try to publish those apps because as per the current situation, Google will consider these apps as COVID-19 apps and your app will be suspended. It’s very risky now to publish these app if you are not a state or central govt.

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I’ll try. If it works I will say it here.


Hi friend,
Thank You but I prefer make for myself, to learn it, you know.
If you have any instructions for me, please tell me, and I will try to follow it.
Thank You.

Yes friend.
Google even suspended my account, fortunately I appealed and they return me my developer account.

My app, its a simple game, you have to kill a lot of virus.

My mistake was put the word covid in my app name.

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Oh yeah. It is a simple game. You have to kill all the viruses on the screen.

My mistake was putting the word COVID in the name of my application, now the word COVID is chasing me, because I have changed the name of the application, but when kodular compiles the application, it still keeps the old name of my application in the
“classes.dex” files.

For this, when Google check my app, and say “aaaaha, you want to deceive me, you conserve Covid references in your app”. For this, I need take off the original name that Kodular, I don’t know why, remember it and put it in the compilation.

I was thinking to open your aia and check for word COVID. If you can do it then try.

Open aia
Open .scm screen files and check for the same.