App restarts without internet

I am created apps, all are works perfectly if my app is connected with Internet but when I disconnect my app to use Internet it automatically restart every time. I didn’t use any component which users internet connection except leadbolt interstitial ads and startup banner ads.
Please Help me

Thank You

Please clarify your question it’s hard to understand what you are saying.

show your blocks and app screenshot

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Do you mean your app closes and reopens itself when you close internet connection?
If yes then you have to show some blocks.

Yes, My app AIA file :

Mp3 Player.aia (366.3 KB)

Please help me
Yes, when I use my app when app is connected with Internet it works perfectly and no error occurs but when I disconnect internet connection is stops automatically and restarts from Screen1.

Send blocks please.

I have already given AIA file of my app above

That’s fine.
But downloading, opening and do a research is quite difficult.
So instead of AIA file give us screenshots of blocks.
No need to give AIA file.

My app has many blocks and I created my app with smartphone so it is quite difficult for me to show all blocks in Screenshot from smartphone.

Click on download blocks as PNG.
Or take screenshot of block which is creating error in your opinion.

I do also create my apps with my phone with he help of puffin browser but I organized my block because some time it’s hard to find errors in the app using smart phone o next time you should organized your blocks.

Also giving he screenshot will let other understand witch block is cousin problem without waisting to much time.

I can’t find download blocks as png buttons and try to take screenshots but half blocks are some blocks are covered in one screenshot.

Minimize the blocks then take screenshots

After disabling ads it is working fine.
But your app has some issues.
Mp3_player.aia (366.6 KB)

And my suggestion will be :
Do not use StartApp Ads.It increases apk size.

So how can I show as on my app

There are other options too like Admob,Facebook,Amazon.
And showing ads in your app does not worth because your app can run offline.So make online app which requires Internet connection so you can show ads.